Wayzata School Board Evaluates School Expansion Plans as Student Enrollment Grows

Wayzata Public Schools LogoThe Wayzata School District continues to expand in terms of the numbers of students within the district.  While the growth is not spectacular the district is still growing at a rate of more than 1% per year in terms of student enrollment.  That’s significant given the district is not brand new and many of the other districts in the Twin Cities are losing students.

The Wayzata School Board has a working session at the next board meeting scheduled for 4pm on March 26th at the district’s offices where they will be working through issues for elementary school or classroom expansion.  The district is considering adding on to schools like Oakwood Elementary or Greenwood Elementary as well as the possibility of building a new school on the land the Wayzata School District owns a 20 acre parcel on the north side of County Road 47 between Vicksburg Lane and Dunkirk Lane in northwest Plymouth.  If you’re family with the area, it’s just to the west of the D.R. Horton Steeple Hill development.  This is an important meeting as they will be considering all their options.  Of course any decision will likely mean they will have to modify the boundary lines for some of these elementary schools again.  That’s an issue most parents don’t take lightly and neither do the district’s leaders.  The fact of the matter is with all the growth in new construction bringing in new families the Wayzata School District needs to figure out how to smartly accommodate this growth.  The board will meet for a final vote on the matter on April 9, 2012 at the general school board meeting held at 7pm at the City of Wayzata offices.  It will also be broadcast.

Wayzata Schools Student Enrollment 2007-2011
Wayzata Schools Student Enrollment 2007-2011

As I was scanning the Executive Summary and Audit Report for the Wayzata School District, I came across this chart which does a great job of visualizing the growth that has occurred in the district from 2007 to 2011.  The chart and table below it break out the student population by pre-k, regular kindergarten, elementary, and secondary.  With the continued expansion of Plymouth, Maple Grove and Medina where those cities feed in to the Wayzata School District, I would expect we’ll see some continued growth particularly in the younger grades for the next 5-10 years as new construction gains steam.  For those in to analysis, this Executive Summary and Audit Report for the Wayzata School District produced by Larson Allen, LLC does a great job of highlighting the key area in the operations of the district.

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Chart:  Larson Allen, LLC


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